HealthCare Ministries

Team Leader: Lynn Diaz

HealthCare Ministries is the international health outreach of AGWM. HCM provides unique opportunities for health professionals to partner with AG missionaries to impact people’s lives physically and spiritually.


HealthCare Ministries seeks to share the gospel with the lost, to strengthen local churches and elevate their presence within the community, extend compassion–whether it is physical, spiritual, or emotional–and open opportunities for future ministries. Our teams are comprised of a variety of volunteer health professionals who serve on short-term outreaches all over the world. They are able to provide one-on-one patient-provider interaction, as well as prevention education in communities where access to health care is limited or nonexistent. We also coordinate health education seminars, professional interchanges, community health fairs, a Bible school course on health, and doctor-to-doctor medical seminars to exchange knowledge and training in medical specialties worldwide.

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