Sustain Hope

Team Leaders: Andy and Robin Rogers

Sustain Hope is a Christ-centered, best-practice approach to improve lives through community-initiated, sustainable solutions that utilize local resources in areas of agriculture, alternative fuels, water, and sanitation.


Networking with in-country missionaries, Sustain Hope listens to the needs of the national church and local communities, provides on-field consultations around the world, and then ministers the love of Christ in practical areas that affect their everyday lives, providing training in areas such as water purification, solar cooking/dehydration, fuel-efficient stove construction/usage, well digging, composting and gardening, community development, asset-based assessments, and other development initiatives. These simple methods, which utilize local resources, are presented in a way that maintains dignity while encouraging independence from outside resources.


Our vision is to restore dignity to individuals through transformation in Christ.

CompassionLink is a ministry of Assemblies of God World Missions

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